ROBERT via EV wrote:
I saw this article describing the a newly designed engine for an Infiniti 
Automobile.  In order to get fuel economy and performance from the engine, the 
design is very complex.  All this can be accomplished by software in an 
electric motor controller.  The simplest solution is always the best solution.

...but not the most profitable solution. :-/

Given the auto company's huge legacy in ICE technology, a "new" design is just a tiny tweak on an old design. That is quick and easy to make. Given today's cheap offshore parts and labor, a complex solution is also likely to be "cheap enough". So getting a bad solution on the market early is more profitable than a good solution later (especially when all you competitors are doing the same thing).

Finding the "best" solution takes more time. You also have to spend more money on R&D and engineering talent. That costs money *now*, and won't produce revenue until later. As the old saying goes, "a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush".

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