I don't know why people view Top Gear's review of the Roadster so
negatively.  OK sure, they rolled it back into their garage as if it had
run out of electricity when in fact it had not...but the point they were
making was one of how long it takes to charge the car and how inconvenient
that was at the time (there were no Tesla Superchargers at the time, and
almost no public charging infrastructure.)  And it's absolutely true that
if you run the car around the track, it will last far less than its claimed
range of 200 miles.  I believe their show claimed 55 miles.

That show also included this great quote: "What we have here then is an
astonishing technical achievement: the first electric car that you might
actually want to buy."  (right before things go south)

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> % ?An about-turn/flip-flop to pr season2 of their streamed TVshow featuring
> a snaffled/nicked Tesla EV? %
> http://www.carscoops.com/2017/12/clarkson-says-he-has-no-issue-with.html
> Clarkson Says He Has No Issue With Electric Vehicles
> Dec 6, 2017  Brad Anderson
> However, in the near decade since the former Top Gear host’s infamous
> review
> of the Tesla Roadster, electric cars have come a long way. So, have
> Clarkson’s views changed as well?
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