EVLN: Zoe EV product tie-ins for Star Wars> (special paint, +more) (v)
Is the Renault Zoe Star Wars edition the electric car for Han Solo?
Product tie-ins for Star Wars: The Last Jedi seem to have hit the market
just in time for the holidays — along with the movie you've probably just
seen — but there's already a car that pays homage to next year's Solo: A
Star Wars Story. This is the creatively named Renault Zoe electric Star Wars
edition ...
EVLN: Musk's midnight cherry Tesla Roadster EV orbiting Mars
Elon Musk is to launch his own electric car into orbit around Mars, playing
David Bowie's Space Oddity. The SpaceX chief executive said when the
company's Falcon Heavy rocket launches in January, the 'payload will be my
midnight cherry Tesla Roadster'. He added: 'Destination is Mars orbit. Will
be in deep space for a ...

Clarkson Slams Musk as 'Petulant' Over TG's staged-breakdowns& untrue
statements (v)
Tesla sued the BBC in 2011, after Clarkson's previous show Top Gear claimed
in 2008 that the company's electric car only ran for 55 miles on a single
charge, among other misrepresentations. The show featured a scene where a
four-man crew pushed the car back to the hangar after running out of juice
during a track run ...
M&M high-performance EVs r:250,350,300km ts:150,186,190kph 0-100kph:11,9,8s
How about a high-performance Mahindra Electric car ... “We will have three
new products in the EV space which will be high-performance vehicles. The
three new cars will have top speeds of 186 kmph, 150 kmph and 190 kmph and
will go from 0-100 kms in 9, 11, and 8 seconds respectively. The range of
these cars would be 350 km, 250 km, and 300 km.” ...

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