First post ever, i have looked on the EV site, but could not find an answer to 
my 2v balancer question. Sorry if this is being repeated and would appreciate a 
link to the post where i can find a possible answer.
I have a fairly new bank of 24 x 2v Fusion AGM batteries (48v total) and am 
having trouble keeping them balanced. I find that during the later part of the 
absorption stage they are approximately 10-12mV out. The specs on the batteries 
say the voltage should be between 2.4v and 2.5v and i have measured anywhere 
from 2.40 to 2.52 volts on them.I have read through Lee Hart's battery balancer 
using Zener diodes and resistors / globes and am interested in doing something 
similar as it seems like an easy and cheap way of keeping multiple battery 
cells balanced but the post is for higher voltage batteries.Has anyone made a 
similar battery balancer for 2v batteries like what Lee Hart has done? What 
Zener diodes and resistor setup did you use to make it work?
Thanks for your help...
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