Oops, I need the slash on the end: http://evdl.org/lib/mh/ 

Works for all the circuits.



Have a renewable energy day,




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My RE&EV Circuits: www.EVDL.org/lib/mh 

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This link will work  www.evdl.org/lib

 <http://www.evdl.org/lib> EVDL Library


Lead-Acid Batteries: Lee Hart's basic lead-acid battery charging
instructions: html: Lee Hart's lead-acid battery care basics How your
batteries are like your dog




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Hi folks
The battery balancers and EV etc circuits are at www.evdl/lib/mh.  It's a
PWM ckt fairly efficient shunt regulator. 
Have a renewable energy Christmas
Reevadiy.org. Mark in Roanoke 

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