Hi All,     I'm building some lightweight subcar EVs to demonstrate them as 
low cost transport plus I need long range EV transport until I get my 63 Vette 
looking EV  done and to get rid of my costly and FF van.      Just picked up 2 
Ez-Go GCs for scrap but not checking they turned out to have 36vdc ADC sep/ex 
motors transverse on Spicer transaxles.   My question is how best to make them 
work at 5500-6k rpm on 48vdc Volt modules?      My thinking is a starting 
resistor and I have a variable 20 amp, 80vdc DC power supply to start up.     
First hitting the first the power supply/field full on and then the start 
solenoid , then short out the resistor and then reduce the field to increase 
speed.      Other suggestions like anyone doing it with Kelly controllers, etc 
as long as not too costly.  But I hear they need to be matched as other 
electronic ones do.       Anyone know the gear ratio on these Spicer 
transaxles, 1983??             Thanks,                    Jerry Dycus

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