Now, this is what I like to see. Fast charging where "fast" means fast.

The charging network Allego has rolled out its first 175-kilowatt ultra-fast charging stations—dubbed "Ultra E"—at its first location in Kleinosthei, along the A3 motorway near Frankfurt.

Allego plans to upgrade half of them to 350-kilowatt service later this year.


To put this in context, the Bolt has a 60kWh battery. At 350kW, that's about 10 minutes to a full charge (although, I'm sure you can only go to about 80% at full current). Anyway, a 10 minute break after driving 2.5 - 3 hours (at US speed limits) sounds pretty sweet.

Just imagine the practicality of the Bolt and other high kWh models if we (the US) had that kind of charging along our freeways.

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