One Tesla Model S plus one 97-year-old grandfather: video magic
Jan 1, 2018  Mark Stevenson

Zev Vitalis's grandfather opens the door of Zev's Tesla Model S electric car

97 Year Old in a Tesla

"I hear you got an electric car," says a 97-year-old man, looking every bit
like a 97-year-old man, suspenders and all.

"Is it outside?"

The man behind the camera is Zev Gitalis, and the man in front of the camera
is his grandfather.

Outside sits not a Nissan Leaf nor a Chevrolet Volt, but a Tesla Model S
awaiting its chance to astonish his paternal ancestor—and Zev caught the
whole experience on camera.

One idyllic summer afternoon in Toronto, Ontario, Zev's grandfather first
inquired about the car from the comfort of his couch.

"You couldn't drive up to Sudbury, I'm sure," he says, half stating and half
asking about the possibility of a 250-mile journey

"Yes, you can," Zev replies, and explains the specifics of charging using
Tesla's Supercharger network.

He also shows his grandfather the Tesla charging station mounted to the
garage wall.

You can see the absolute wonder, and slight confusion on Zev's grandfather's
face during the conversation, as he attempts to wrap his thoughts around the
idea of an electric car you can drive for hours and hours and hundreds of

But the real kicker in the video is when Zev takes his grandfather for a

After his experience riding in the passenger seat—which includes Grandpa
exclaiming, "You've got to have a parachute to drive this car!"—the
97-year-old is completely and literally lost for words.
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