Most factory EVs have no fuel door switch, I can drive away with the
Leaf with the charging door open.
The car simply detects that the J1772 plug is inserted and will *not*
start the car with the plug inserted.
I have not tried yet what the car does when you park without turning it
off and plug in.
My US Electricar S10 factory conversion uses the controller to charge,
so applying AC to the inlet will
cause the controller to activate the car in charging mode and prevent
You can still turn the key and put the vehicle in gear, but the motor
will not engage and the
Ready light will blink and not come on steady as it normally does in
drive mode.
For any conversion it is rather simple if you want to avoid the
mechanical solutions, to engage a relay
with the incoming AC power and use that signal to interrupt the ignition
power or pull a disable line
on your controller, whatever is convenient.
This does not protect against unplugging the other end of the cord and
driving off with the cord,
but typically you unplug the vehicle side, not the wall side.

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Simply put a switch in the fuel door or harder, use a relay to open a
critical circuit.  So simple but so necessary.  My factory vehicle has
this built-in.  Lawrence Rhodes

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