on the contrary. Batteries only perform as good as the mantenance they
Many experiments of EVs in fleet service (USPS comes to mind) "failed"
because the
drivers did not like the EVs and apparently necessary maintenance was
not performed,
so the EVs soon sat unused, abused.
My previous electric truck was converted for the City of Santa Rosa
around 1995 with a
DC motor and flooded lead-acid batteries, so it even got a tilt-bed to
access the batteries
under the bed.
By 2011 it had accumulated a handful of running hours, since it
apparently sat 15 years in
the Santa Rosa city yard virtually unused.
I bought it after a guy in Saratoga invested in restoring it, using Golf
Cart batteries.
So, every few months I found myself watering all 60 cells with distilled
water, cleaning
terminals from the accumulated crud and generally not enjoying the
amount of
ongoing maintenance that I had to do to this truck.
When the pack started getting older after 4-5 years as daily driver, I
sold that truck
and found my current daily driver, a US Electricar S10.
It too had sat many years with a (now dead) lead-acid pack.
I ripped out the lead and installed 2 used Nissan Leaf packs in the two
battery box halves.
I have not needed to get into that battery box again, there is no
maintenance needed,
I just get in, drive it and plug in to charge.
I have now put over 6,000 miles on it this last year, I have never
driven an EV more than
this one, because it is a joy to drive plus the absence of maintenance
allows me to do
things that I rather do than caring for my car's batteries.

I can give many examples of EVs that did not get a good acceptance or
where people
got burned by issues with the batteries, no matter whether it is lead or
NiMH such as
the Vectrix motorcycle (scooter actually) where the designers were
pushed by sales
to give it higher top speed, literally blowing up the NiMH cells and
even the fuse.

I have a very good idea why people like the no-maintenance-needed Leaf
so much.

Obviously, in some types of service with guaranteed dedicated
maintenance staff,
whether on Golf courses or Airport ground services or Warehouse
there are many well-performing Lead-acid battery EVs due to the high
level and
quality of maintenance that is embedded in these organisations.
In cases where the maintenance is a nuisance, you see a quick move to
Lithium Ion
type batteries for a good reason.

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Great article. And it points up a serious flaw in all the recent
promotion of electric vehicles - they all neglect the one mission that
an electric can perform without exotic batteries, ultra-lightweight
construction and huge amounts of money.
The British milk float (recently) and the many delivery vehicles
(earlier on) are proof of this, using ordinary deep-cycle lead acid
The early government support for EV development in the 1970s emphasized
this mission, but these days I guess it just isn't "cool."

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