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on the contrary. Batteries only perform as good as the mantenance they

I agree. Most batteries do not die of old age... they are "murdered" by ignorance, neglect, and abuse!

What you do you think would happen to an ICE if no maintenance was done at all? Instead of it lasting 100k or 200k miles, it would be ruined in a small fraction of that time.

Yeah, yeah... there are anecdotal stories on the web of people who claim they never even changed the oil and the car lasted 100k miles. But I also have an uncle who tried this, and his new car's engine siezed at about 22k miles from lack of oil. It was a pretty expensive lesson.

I can give many examples of EVs that did not get a good acceptance or
where people got burned by issues with the batteries, no matter whether
it is lead or NiMH...

Or lithium. Incompetent design and owner abuse can destroy *any* battery before its time.

I have a very good idea why people like the no-maintenance-needed Leaf
so much.

I suspect most people aren't even *aware* that batteries can have maintenance and abuse issues.

The automakers know that people won't take care of them. So, their EVs "take care" of the batteries for you. They used types that don't need (and in fact, *cannot*) be maintained. They design the control systems to *prevent* abuse, even if the owner tries. This certainly helps; but it also adds considerably to the cost of the EV.

Obviously, in some types of service with guaranteed dedicated
maintenance staff... there are many well-performing Lead-acid battery
EVs due to the high level and quality of maintenance that is embedded
in these organisations.

Yes. In some markets, it is traditional to buy the best, and maintain it so it lasts "forever". That leads to the lowest total cost.

But in most consumer markets, customers do little or no maintenance. They pay more, and then just "use it up" and "throw it out".

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