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I would like to have an off-the-shelf solution, however, if such a charger 
exists. My current collection of chargers are plug-in and go type, in that they 
have appropriate profiles for charging to a specific level and tapering off as 
appropriate for the pack.
As an additional consideration, this battery does not need to be charged in an 
hour or even two or three. I'm amenable to a configuration that requires a ten 
hour or longer charge period, especially if cost is lower.
I welcome corrections to my train of thought, even to the point of derailment 
as appropriate. I'm hoping for an off-the-shelf solution that works 
out-of-the-box or works with appropriate adjustments on the panel or equivalent.

I just put three Volt modules in a 48v golf cart. The cart will probably run ok with a single module. It runs ok but I haven't yet configured a charger. I expect a 48v Meanwell type power supply trimmed to 49-50 volts to do the job.

I believe that you will find that 48 volt ebike chargers go too high.
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