Spyshots: 2019 Hyundai Elantra Electric Does Cold-Weather Testing
5 Feb 2018  Mircea Panait

2019 Hyundai Elantra Electric  13 photos

Cold-weather testing is an important part of a vehicle’s development
process. If that vehicle is battery-powered, then it’s even more critical to
get things right from the get-go considering how the cold decreases range.

Hyundai knows it all too well, which is why the South Korean automaker took
to the northernmost part of Europe to make fine adjustments to the Elantra
Electric. “The what now? Since when does Hyundai want to electrify the
Elantra?” Color us surprised, but the Elantra EV is news to us as well.

Remember the Next Generation FCEV presented in August of 2017, with the
concept turning out to be a preview for the Nexo fuel-cell crossover? It was
then that Hyundai confirmed eight BEVs, eight plug-in hybrids, and 10 hybrid
vehicles, with the automaker intending to launch no less than 28
eco-friendly cars by the end of 2020. The Elantra Electric is, as of now,
one of them.

From the spy photos, it appears Hyundai didn’t operate too many changes to
the way the Elantra looks. What sticks out like a sore thumb is the wheel
design, which screams “look how eco-friendly I am” through every pore. The
ground clearance also appears different from the regular Elantra.

Also worthy of highlighting is the left-hand drive configuration, which
might be an indicator the Elantra Electric could be added to the automaker’s
U.S., European, and Chinese lineups. The big question is, what sort of
battery and electric powertrain does the Elantra EV hide under the skin?

Being smaller than the Ioniq Electric and obviously cheaper, it’s not too
hard to imagine what’s in the offing. For reference, the Ioniq Electric
costs $29,500, packs 118 horsepower, and is EPA-rated 124 miles on a full

As a brief refresher, Hyundai already sells the Elantra Electric in China,
albeit not this one. Based on the Gen 4 Elantra and called Elantra Yuedong,
the all-electric sedan with 108 horsepower is manufactured in the People’s
Republic by Beijing-Hyundai.

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