EVLN: Aspark OWL r:150km ts:280kph 0-100kph:1.89s
Japanese electric car has set a new record speed acceleration
15.02.2018  On the test track in Tochigi Prefecture in Japan on February 11
of this year took place on speed races electric supercar Aspark OWL.
According to the telemetry the car in the first race, dispersed from 0 to
100 km/h for 1.89 seconds. During the second race the result was slightly
worse – 1,921 s. However, the company at the ...
EVLN: (spied)> Tesla-X EV-cruiser
Canadian police spied with a Tesla Model X cruiser ahead of reveal
February 13, 2018  While a Model X is being used as an emergency response
vehicle by a private firefighting team in Lviv, Ukraine, the OPP's Model X
appears to be the first time that the electric SUV will be used as an actual
police car. After all, law enforcement agencies in the past have opted to
use the Model S, the X's full-sized sedan ...

2007 Mitsubishi Evo MiEV review: classic MOTOR
Feb 18, 2018  Mitsubishi's Lancer Evolution MiEV (short for Mitsubishi
In-wheel motor Electric Vehicle) could well be the quietest, quickest
production car sprint ever. This review was first published in MOTOR
magazine's January 2007 issue. With only the whir of electric motors and
tyre noise audible, it scoots from standstill to 100km/h in ...
Ontario Gets Tesla Model X Electric Police Car
Feb 20, 2018  With their instant torque delivery, electric cars are primed
for high speed police chases, and the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) seems
to have received the …
EVent: Free EV Ride& Drive Sat-2/24 @ Puhi-HI
February 20, 2018  PUHI — Sonja Kass has been driving an electric vehicle
since 2014. “I have a solar array at home that charges the car,” Kass said.
“I can drive and get it charged by the sun — no gas.” Kass was among the
group of electric vehicle enthusiasts who invites people to come and ride
and drive an electric vehicle for free ...

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