Tesla Roadster 2020 spied testing at Fremont factory track
February 17, 2018  Simon Alvarez


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Shehryar Khan? @khannzilla
10:56 AM - 14 Feb 2018

Tesla’s next-generation Roadster was recently spied testing at the Fremont
factory test track. A short video clip, posted to Twitter by Shehryar Khan?
on February 14, featured the $250,000 all-electric supercar launching off
the line. Quite interestingly, the vehicle’s windows were down and brake
squeal, common with high-performance carbon ceramic discs, could be heard as
the Roadster prototype came to a stop. As the car prepared to accelerate,
Khan and his friends wondered if the next-gen Roadster’s driver would go for
a full 0-60 mph launch in 1.9 seconds.

Just a couple of seconds after that, the electric supercar demonstrated its
impressive acceleration from a standstill, though the community largely
agreed that it wasn’t a full launch test. Especially as it was nowhere near
the acceleration that was seen in one Youtuber’s video when they
demonstrated what Maximum Plaid mode looks like in real life.

This week has proven to be quite eventful for fans of the next-generation
Roadster. As we mentioned in a previous report, the Tesla Roadster 2020 was
recently placed on display at the company’s headquarters in Palo Alto, CA.
While the car was not driven around then, photographs of the vehicle were
taken and shared online. A Tesla enthusiast who goes by the handle u/Casey_S
on Reddit managed to take more than 20 photos of the upcoming vehicle,
including its unique steering wheel and what seemed to be cameras mounted on
the vehicle’s side aero ducts.

The next-gen Tesla Roadster is, apart from being the fastest, most
impressive vehicle in the California-based firm’s offerings, a successor to
the car that started it all for the company. During the reveal of the
vehicle last year, Tesla CEO Elon Musk emphasized the role the original
Roadster played for the electric car maker.

    “We started Tesla with a sports car — the Tesla Roadster. That baby got
us going. It was the foundation of the whole company.”

Looking at the specs of the next-generation Roadster, it seems like the
upcoming all-electric supercar will be able to carry Tesla well into the
next few years.

    0-60 mph: 1.9 seconds (before upgrades)
    1/4 mile: 8.9 seconds (first time any production car has broken 9
seconds in 1/4 mile)
    Power: 10,000 nm Torque
    Range: 620 miles (998 kilometers)
    Battery size: 200 kWh
    Top speed: 250+ mph
    Production timeline: 2020
    Drivetrain: 3 electric motors
    Seating: 4 passengers in a 2+2 configuration
    Amenities: removable roof

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