% I had posted 
 that the EV news was now so thin (super-slow trickle), that I was having to
scrape not only the bottom, but the sides of the barrel to find anything
EV-interesting/worthy of your viewing time.

And in the past I have posted of how the anti-EV Koch-Bros $M's were strewn
throughout the media of which I had to wade through (like a cesspool) to
find EV items.

Well, it seems one of the koch-funded media-teams have run short on ideas.
Morgan Stanley's 'snack-item-cra$h caused by EVs' piece that was obviously
paid for by fo$$il-fuel koch-bro$, has been run in many forms by several
media outlets (most of which have turned off public access to comment).

Normally, I do not give posting time to koch's anti-EV junk. But this-time I
thought I would show what I found/have-endured-through. The headline tries
to blame gas-stations losing convience-store ca$h-flow, because EVs won't be
stopping there.

But this ignores several points:

-drivers still will want a soda/snacks on their route. When I would plan an
EV trip, when I choose a public EVSE (or are updating a plugshare.com
listing), I would select an EVSE that had a nearby place to get drinks,
food, restroom for the L2-hours wait. So, many times when L2 charging, I
would walk to the nearest ice-station, use their convenience-store services
while I wait ...

-EVSE at ice-stations. Shell isn't the only oil company installing EVSE at
their gas-stations:




 In those cases, the plugin driver will be there L2 charging for hours, thus
would consume many more drinks/snacks than ice-drivers would would be
in-and-gone quickly ...

-And the ratio EVs on the road compared to ice is still way-low thus,
ice-station convenience store biz will just not be impacted ...

 So the whole koch-induced headline is hysterical. The inane-premise twists
and turns like a twisty-turny thing ...

Below is one link, but I purposely left off all the links on the others (you
can find them yourself, as I do like advertising koch's anti-EV garbage):

Electric Vehicles Are Coming for Your Snacks
April 7, 2018  Most major automakers have committed to converting their
entire future fleets to some form of electric power ... electric vehicles
(EVs) will go hand in hand with self-driving technology. Unlike traditional
internal combustion engines, EVs don't require ...
PCMag India

How Electric Cars Could Put A Damper On Convenience Store Sales
Hybrid Cars News-Apr 5, 2018

Electric Cars Could Take Juice Out of C-stores' Beverage Business
CSNews Online-Apr 5, 2018

How the Arrival of Electric Cars Could Hurt the Beverage Industry
SupplyChainBrain-Apr 5, 2018

Electric Cars Could Kill Convenience Stores, Report Says
The Drive-Apr 4, 2018

Will Electric Cars Harm the Beverage Industry?
The Auto Channel (press release)-Apr 4, 2018

Widespread Adoption of EVs Could Spell the End of the Convenience Store
The News Wheel-Apr 4, 2018

Gas stations pivot to address the threat from electric vehicles
Teslarati-Apr 4, 2018

Electric cars could kill the convenience store, report says
Brinkwire (press release)-Apr 3, 2018

How the arrival of electric cars could hurt the beverage industry
Washington Post-Apr 3, 2018

How electric cars could hurt beverage industry, convenience stores
Chicago Daily Herald-Apr 8, 2018
If drivers of electric cars aren't stopping at gas stations to fill their
tanks, the opportunities for impulse purchases inside at the convenience
store could dry up. That's a real possibility, according to Morgan Stanley
analysts who wrote that convenience stores could see a hit to beverage sales
as more electric cars hit the road ...

Where Will You Buy Cigarettes and Slim Jims When You Don’t Need to Stop for
Wall Street Journal (blog)-Mar 30, 2018 (subscription)

stoopid - Stupid to the extent that you can't even spell the word itself ...
 ... Blackadder, you twist and turn like a twisty-turny thing ...

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