This all sounds totally illogical. Is it assumed that EV drivers do not buy snacks or soft drinks or use the washroom while traveling? All the gas stations would have to do is add a charging station or two and they would have the electric car people for longer impulse shopping sprees than they do the ICE folks since charging is slower.

Yes Bruce, stoopid!

P.S. Before there were ANY public charging facilities I often stopped at a convenience store and asked if I could plug in to their outdoor lighting or behind the soda machine. They were agreeable, once they figured out what I was asking, as long as I shopped while there.

On 4/11/2018 10:36 AM, brucedp5 via EV wrote:
How electric cars could hurt beverage industry, convenience stores
Chicago Daily Herald-Apr 8, 2018
If drivers of electric cars aren't stopping at gas stations to fill their
tanks, the opportunities for impulse purchases inside at the convenience
store could dry up. That's a real possibility, according to Morgan Stanley
analysts who wrote that convenience stores could see a hit to beverage sales
as more electric cars hit the road ...
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