EVLN: superEV Miss R& Mr T 1000kW/1341HP 0-60mph:1.8s (v)
XING Miss R previews 1000kW EV powertrain, 0-100 in 1.8 sec
Apr. 9th 2018  An advanced electric system promises extended battery life
and superior safety and reliability thanks to a unique immersive cooling
system, consisting of submerging cells directly in 3M Novec 7200 Engineered
Fluid ... battery pack is ... the highest power density EV systems on the
market ...
EVLN: 2017 Smart 42ed EV MSRP-US$23.8k before incentives
Daimler says that smart car brand is going all-electric in Europe after
North America
Apr. 9th 2018 Hopefully, it will come with an updated electric powertrain
... It feels like they did the change in the US first because the risks were
lower since the smart cars weren’t already selling very well in the country.
Sales had tumbled to a crawl over the last few years ...;strip=all&w=1600

How To Haggle For Your Next Electric Car, & Other ...
April 15th, 2018 ...  Bolt owner had to reset the fast charger 6 times to
get it to work. It was his first charging experience. I explained to him
that this particular DC fast charger was acting finicky ... take the time to
test drive plenty of cars, and take the time to bargain ...

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