I have been considering this too, but for some old Priuses I have. It is not
easy! Equallisation is done by overcharging the full cells at 10-15A, can't
do that with Lithium! With these cells, which are the same as my prius ones,
overcharging is allowed. Also, even with Ni-Mih they are degraded by
continuous overcharging, and is the reason they fail so often. I have
considered making another battery computer with a BMS that handles the new
battery, could either replace the old one, or you could keep both, and
generate voltages the old computer expects, drop the voltage with a divider
to make it believe the battery is low when it really is, and boost it when
the battery is full to make it stop charging. I would use Li-po4 cells for
the flatter discharge curve.

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 Hi Folks

A friend has a 2001 Honda Insight with a degraded NiMh battery pack and
wants to upgrade it to Lithium.

I suspect there are multiple reasons this may not work, primarily that the
on-board battery management software isn't compatible with Lithium.

If anyone could provide "insight" on why this could or won't work it would
be appreciated. Also any links to more info would be appreciated.


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