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> This is going to sound callous, but IMO, life is too short to argue with
> your friends about why their bright ideas will or won't work.  Just let
> him
> know whether he can sleep on your couch if his lithium science fair
> project
> burns his house down.  :-)
I wouldn't say it won't work... It just won't be very simple!  Remember the
"MIMA" modification and similar gadgets are available for the Insight,
which gain control over charge and discharge of the battery. The basis of
that could be used along with a lithium BMS to make it work safely, if you
knew what you were doing.

I decided it would be too much trouble, removed the gas engine and hybrid
system altogether and put in a 22kWh lithium pack and a 100kW motor
(spoiler: this was also a lot of trouble).
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