Thanks Jerry, but I'd like to keep the lead-acid form factor and use the existing charger.

Len M.

On Thu, May 24, 2018 at 12:30 PM, jerry freedomev wrote:

   Hi Len and All,
           2  5kwh,  120vdc nom  Volt modules would by far be the best, lowest cost solution.  And for charging just add an HB404 wthr meter and a contactor to cut the voltage off at fully charged using your present charger likely.            Each take about the same space as 2.5 of your 12vdc lead batteries.  And cost $1500-$2300 buying modules, not much more than lead, less than premium lead.            Since 2 modules will put out 2k amps and weigh much less, lead EVs  I've sold them for nicely  increase both range and pickup even with the same rated kwh.   And one can add another module or 2 for more range.              My rebuild of my EV trike pickup into the subcar it was suppose to be  I'll put 2 5kwh modules in it for about 120 mile range.  Could put in 250 miles worth.
                     Jerry Dycus

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