Tesla Model X Gets The Battlecar Off-Road Treatment
May 19, 2018  Brad Anderson


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Tesla Model X? Wait till the end. Bat-mobil mode will be enabled …

As you know, the SUVs have become the go-to vehicle of choice for families
of all sizes. In theory, these vehicles are capable of some soft off-roading
but the truth is, most all encounter are a few odd leaves strewn across an
otherwise perfectly smooth and flat road.

The Tesla Model X is no different to its ICE rivals, but is perhaps even
less likely to be taken into the wilderness.

Despite this, Delta 4×4, a company specializing in off-road accessories, has
created what is certainly one of the world’s very few Model Xs that can
actually be used off-road.

What makes this Model X stand out are a set of black wheels wrapped in
rugged tires that are more at home in the mud than they are on the street. A
regular Model X is probably as useful off road as any all-wheel drive sedan
or estate.

With these new wheels and tires, though, the all-electric SUV takes on an
entirely new persona and looks a hell of a lot more purposeful, and ready to
venture off-road, than any other Model X out there.

Delta 4×4 says that, for 3,900 euros ($4,598), it will sell any Model X
owner the same wheel and tire package.
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