% I have used the uber app when my ice is in the shop. Uber is my medical
back up plan to get to the va hospital (currently 30mins away) if things go
wrong (so far, I haven't had to uber to the va, yet). I've just used uber
for short trips, like to the local airport to rent an ice so I could attend
the end of the 5/12 N.TX Tesla EVent (it was fun)

Back in the 90s, I drove my EV [ http://brucedp.tripod.com/blazer/ ] which
that was long before uber, but I would offer rides to people. 

The best approach I found back in those early days was to not do a hard-sell
(there was a lot of automaker& oil money being paid to kibosh/kill EVs back
then - see 

What I would do was to mention near the end of the ride that we were riding
in an EV. I either got an ?Oh?, or a lot of EV questions (which I was more
than happy to answer).

But times have changed, and the knowledge the public has of EVs depends on
what part of the U.S./world you are in. Obviously when I was iving in
Silicon Valley, CA plugins were much more common knowledge, than now that I
am in Central Texas. 

IMO, if I were a ride-share driver in Silicon Valley, I might be more
(softly) aggressive and start out some of my friendly conversations
mentioning the EV. But if I were a driver in the CTX area (where there are
few plugins), would likely use the same low key approach I did back in the

Here are some links to explore: %


Leading the charge for a greener London
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Leading the charge for a greener San Diego
Looking to reduce your fuel costs? Want to be a pioneer in the electric
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