The Solar-Powered Sion Electric Car Will Be Powered By Batteries From German
Expert ElringKlinger
June 3rd, 2018  Reinhard Bimashofer

The leading crew from Sono Motors with their Sion prototype

When Sono Motors entered the international arena of e-mobility July 2017, it
was a sort of magic for me. What the company offers is often on an
environmentalist’s wish list.

The project started in a garage with three enthusiastic students. Now, 10
months later, after millions have been invested in their dream by
crowdfunding and powerful partners, a continuing presentation tour of the
new Sion (that’s the cars name) is bringing the offer to more and more
customers. With integrated solar panels generating up to 30 kilometers of
reach per day, the company has made it clear that production of the Sion
will start 2019.

The biggest step to start serial production is now documented by a
multi-million-order and partnership with ElringKlinger, situated in
Dettingen, Germany — a battery contract of several hundred million euros
over 8 years for the Munich-based automotive supplier.

The leading crew from Sono Motors with their Sion prototype

Sono Motors chose a domestic location for the production of the battery
storage with climate protection and working conditions in mind, since they
both play a main role for the company. Sono Motors will compensate for all
unavoidable greenhouse gas emissions by supporting certified climate
protection projects.

“The announcement of the partnership with ElringKlinger marks an important
milestone on the way to series production,” says Laurin Hahn, co-founder and
CEO of Sono Motors. “The battery market is currently a major challenge for
the entire automotive industry. The nomination of the battery supplier is an
important signal to our community and the many people who have already
reserved a Sion,” adds Hahn. In selecting the partner, particular emphasis
was placed on topics such as social standards and sustainability.

Thanks to a battery range of 250 km, it is suitable for everyday use, and it
purchase price (without battery) of €16,000 and adequate interior space, the
vehicle is intended to appeal particularly to families and city commuters.
With integrated sharing functions included as well, it could serve growing
demand for mobility as a service.

The battery will be offered on a rental basis or for a single purchase. The
vehicle can be charged in either a conventional power outlet, a Type 2 plug,
or a fast charging station within 30 minutes. So far, Sono Motors has just
under 4,000 paid vehicle reservations.

As the company recently announced, it is going on a Germany-wide test drive
tour from mid-May. In 17 cities, the family-friendly compact van will be
available for test drives. You can register to join on the website of Sono

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