In Pics: 8 Awesome Electric Speedsters That Look Great & Don’t Harm the
June 5, 2018  Rayomand Engineer  Shruti Singhal

The Emflux One electric superbike, that was showcased at the Noida Auto Expo
2018. Image Credit: Prashant Singh Shekhawat
Ultraviolette, has been working on prototypes, that have a futuristic
design.Image Credit: Ultraviolette
Hyundai, is allegedly planning to launch the electric car the KONA, in
India, in 2019.Image credit: Techo Buzz
The futuristic e-Survivor concept, looks like it means business! Image
Credit: Live Baller
Straight out of a sci-fi movie, the car’s makers, showcased the car in Noida
and have opened bookings on their website.Image Credit: Auto Expo – The
Motor Show 2018
The stunning Renault Trezor concept, looks fast while standing still.Image
Tata Motor’s Racemo concept, continues the company’s foray into electric
vehicles.Image Credit: Soham Sen
Mahindra’s electric SUV will be quite the head-turner, on launch.Image
credit: Tejasraj Bodake

Some of these futuristic beauties were on display at the Auto Expo 2018, in

As soon as we discovered electricity could run vehicles, we were happy and
disappointed. Happy, because well, it was good for the planet, disappointed
because they were quiet. Where was the rush of the sound of an engine,
running on petrol? Again, early electric vehicles focused on total commuter
practicality, with most manufacturers sticking to safe designs, and
specifications. As a result, electric vehicles found themselves boxed into a
particular form and type.

That mould now seems to be breaking. There are performance electric vehicles
that look great and go fast. Some of these were showcased as concepts at the
recently concluded Auto Expo 2018 in Noida. Here is our list of 8 machines:

Electric motorcycles are still not widespread. However, there are two firms,
amongst others, that are venturing into that territory, and both happen to
be in Bengaluru!
Emflux Model 1:-

The Emflux Model 1 has a liquid-cooled AC Induction motor, which produces
around 50kw of power, and 84Nm of torque, at 8,400 RPM. It uses 67 bhp of
power, through Samsung lithium-ion batteries. The electric superbike has a
state-of-the-art touch TFT display, GPS navigation and vehicle diagnostics,
among other features. The Bengaluru-based company claims that the bike hits
100 km in 3 seconds, and has a long range of 200 km.
Ultraviolette Automotive:-

This Bengaluru-based firm is also working on motorcycle design, to make
sustainable transportation more accessible. They want to build an electric
vehicle ecosystem for the urban environment. Ultraviolette has been building
and testing prototypes, and recently, TVS invested around $700,000 in the
company! The prototype designs look stunning.

Electric cars are quite widespread, and manufacturers have rolled out a few
models too. If you look at the higher end of the spectrum, some cars are
still hybrids. It is as if we are afraid to cut dependency on fossil fuels.
Well, these are some stunning cars that rely solely on electricity, which
were showcased as concepts at the recently concluded Auto Expo held in
Hyundai Kona:-

This SUV with its sleek LED DRL lights, sharp lines and beautiful wheel
arches is stunning. The insides are plush as well, with a floating
infotainment screen, and a head-up display. This vehicle is capable of doing
0-100 kmph, in around 9.7 sec, and has a top speed of 155 kph, reports
Autocar. Hyundai is not going the hybrid route and has decided to be
exclusively electric, if the car displayed at the Noida Auto Expo is
anything to go by.
Suzuki E-Survivor concept:-

This will probably resonate with fans of the good old Gypsy. It is a serious
off-roader, and has great ground clearance, and comes with four in-wheel
electric motors. It was unveiled, in Noida , as a 2-seater car without a
roof and is a small convertible SUV, based on a ladder-frame chassis. Maruti
claims that the e-Survivor is built with lightweight materials to aid in
off-roading, reports Autocar.

This Swedish automobile manufacturer, and Bird, the popular helmet-maker,
unveiled this futuristic concept car and demonstrated a 5-seat EV for Indian
markets, at the Noida Auto Expo 2018. Running 200 kms on a single charge, it
is expected to hit Indian roads by 2020, according to NDTV. The car indeed
looks stunning, with its unique exterior, and is solely electric!
Renault Trezor Concept:-

This car made its debut at the 2016 Paris Motor Show and is an aggressive
2-seater Grand Tourer (GT). The car looks straight out of a sci-fi movie and
has a sleek, carbon-fibre body with red glazing. It delivers a staggering
348 bhp and develops around 380 Nm of torque. Renault engineers have fitted
two air-cooled batteries in the front and the back for optimum weight
distribution. This car will hopefully make its debut soon!
Tata RaceMo Concept:-

This is the all-electric version of this concept called ‘Racemo’ and has a
200 bhp motor, which derives its power from a lithium-ion battery pack. The
company claims the car has a 350 km range. The 2-seater sports car, sits
under 4 metres in length, with a rear-mounted mid-engine. The stunning
design and the numbers speak for themselves. It was on display at the Noida
Auto Expo, where it grabbed eyeballs.
Mahindra E-KUV 100:-

The highly popular compact SUV will get an all-electric version, and
according to Mahindra’s Managing Director, the company will launch electric
variants for all future SUVs and crossovers. Developing powertrains with
outputs ranging from 41 to 204 HP, the company is also exploring the use of
higher-capacity batteries. As for the e-SUV, it looks stunning, and its
all-electric avatar will be the first SUV in India to solely depend on
electric power.

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Electric Vehicle Revolution

If we collectively and consciously decided to stop depending on hybrids, and
switch to pure EV vehicles, we will succeed in leaving a smaller carbon
footprint on our environment.

Maruti Suzuki charges ahead with ambitious electric car plan
Jun 5, 2018  
New Delhi: Suzuki Motor Corp., the parent of India's largest carmaker, aims
to produce as many as 35,000 electric cars annually in India starting
2020-21, when it rolls out the first of these cars in the country ...

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