EVnews status:
 As before, the EV news items are slow in coming and still have
mis-informational competition to wade through (Koch Bro's $M @work). But I
seem to be finding just enough to post although many of them don't have much
(EV related) meat on them.

My status:
 Recent frustrating occurrences with my local va hospital has me taking a
6/24-7/1 trip down south to check out the San Antonio (sa) va hospital. If
it is better, then I will relocate to the sa area.

While I probably could make do with the va in Temple, I feel I need to live
within 15 miles of a va hospital that will be less of an "iffy-medical-care"
challenge to maintain my health (if I come to ER in the middle of the night
with heart problems again, I need a dr & staff to-be-there that cares and
knows what they are doing. Then I can use what time I have left, to continue
being a good-deed-doer, giving back to society, as I have been for free
since 1990).

EVLN posts may be delayed during this time while I try to figure out what is
best for me (please be patient).
Anyone wanting to contact/yak-at me while I am down there, shoot me an
email2  brucedp @yahoo.com 

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