Prices are posted at

Some states are per kWh, others are per minute (with different rates for
above or below 60 kW charging rates).

Some existing cars are grandfathered into unlimited transferrable free
supercharging for the life of the vehicle, depending on when it was
ordered. That includes all 2016 and earlier cars, and a few built early in
2017 that were ordered before Jan 15, 2017.

Some owners are grandfathered into unlimited nontransferrable free
supercharging for the duration of their ownership of the S/X/3P car they
bought via referral later in 2017 or up until a few weeks ago in 2018.
Those offers are no longer active.

From that page:

Below are additional program details which apply to Tesla vehicles under
the Supercharger program.

   - Model S and X receive 400 kWh (~1,000 miles) of Supercharger credits
      - For usage above the complimentary annual credits provided, a small
      fee applies.
   - Model 3 does not receive annual Supercharger credits, and a small fee
   applies to Supercharge.
   - In North America, pricing is fixed within each state or province.
   Internationally, pricing is fixed within each country. All prices include
   taxes and fees.
   - Where possible, owners are billed per kWh (kilowatt-hour), which is
   the most fair and simple method. In other areas, we bill for the service
   per minute.
   - When billing per minute, there are two tiers to account for changes in
   charging speeds, called “tier 1” and “tier 2”.
      - Tier 1 applies while cars are charging at or below 60 kW and tier 2
      applies while cars are charging above 60 kW. Tier 1 is half the cost of
      tier 2.
      - Tier 1 also applies anytime your vehicle is sharing Supercharger
      power with another car.
   - Supercharger pricing information may be viewed on the touchscreen and
   is summarized below.

Supercharging is simple and convenient—just plug in and charge up.
Supercharging history is automatically populated in your Tesla Account
showing the credits used or, if applicable, the amount billed. Tesla is
committed to ensuring that Supercharger will never be a profit center.

On Wed, Oct 17, 2018, 08:40 Robert Bruninga via EV <>

> >Instead, they gave us a somewhat cut down Model S
> >that doesn't get to use Superchargers for free.
> Nothing is "free".  It is paid for within the luxury prices on the model S
> and X.
> One cannot have it both ways.  If one only wants to pay the absolute
> minimum, then one doesn't pay for the charging.  If you want the "free"
> charging, you have to pay for it somehow.
> Bob
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