Chevy takes advantage of gas shortage to sell all-electric Bolt EV
Feb. 4th 2019  Fred Lambert

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Fuel shortages are hitting Mexico after the closure of state-owned pipeline
creating a distribution bottleneck and Chevy intelligently took advantage of
the opportunity to promote the all-electric Bolt EV at gas stations.

Since fuel distribution shifted from the pipelines to trucks in 2019, it
created shortages and long lines at gas stations.

Chevrolet’s Mexican marketing team saw an opportunity to market the Bolt EV
and decided to bring the electric car to those gas stations in order to
educate people about the possibility of going electric.

Adrián Enciso, director of advertising at GM in Mexico, told Automotive News
] :

    “We had a Bolt EV available, with a charged battery and we decided to go
out into the streets last weekend ... People started asking us about the
Bolt EV, its range, price, maintenance and battery life,”

The company also launched a social media campaign to present EVs as a
solution to your fuel problems:

The electric vehicle market is still very small in Mexico where fewer
options are available than in other North American markets.

Fewer than 20,000 electric vehicles (HEV, PHEV and BEV combined) were sold
in the country last year.
Electrek’s Take

Some of the main complaints about electric vehicles are charging time and
access to charging stations.

While those issues are based on some truth, most EV owners found them to
mostly be misconceptions since most charging ends up happening at home and

EV charging infrastructure certainly needs to expand and it is expanding,
but I think this is a good reminder that the fuel supply chain is also
itself quite fragile.

Smart move by Chevy to capitalize on that and market the Bolt EV to those
waiting in line for gas.

Unfortunately, I don’t think that we can change most people’s habits based
on convincing them to make better choices for the environment. I think we
need to show them that EVs are actually better and more convenient.

That’s the best path to EV adoption in my opinion.

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