EVLN: Everybody Wang-Chao tonight> Cheap-China-lsEVs4 .us&.eu r:120km
The cheapest Chinese electric cars are coming to the US and Europe—for as
little as $9,000
February 4, 2019  China already sells more electric vehicles than the rest
of the world combined. And there's a long list of the categories you can
choose from—including large ...
EVLN: using 2sell Bolt EVs
Chevy takes advantage of gas shortage to sell all-electric Bolt EV
Feb. 4th 2019  Chevy takes advantage of gas shortage to sell all-electric
Bolt EV ... The electric vehicle market is still very small in Mexico where
fewer options are available ...

Australian Senate enquiry into Electric Vehicles reveals 17 recommendations
January 30, 2019  Back in June 2018, the Australian Senate established an
enquiry into Electric Vehicles and if Australia is getting it right. After
many many months, the findings ...
Don't worry about coal, electric cars are still cleaner
Jan 30, 2019  Now a new study by BNEF (a Bloomberg spinoff) can help give
electric-car drivers some peace of mind in these arguments. It shows that
electric cars are ...
dink e-caddy launch 3yrs-away> point of focus
Cadillac is Still 3 Years Away From its First Electric Vehicle Launch
Feb 03, 2019  The phasing out of the federal electric vehicle tax credit is
hitting automakers across the United States. On the one end of the spectrum,
we have electric vehicle ...

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