Lyft launches 'Green Mode,' allows users to request electric cars
February 7, 2019  Sami Grover

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The rollout starts in Seattle, then more broadly.

Not so long ago, ride-hailing giant Lyft made the commitment to go 100%
carbon neutral—offsetting the emissions created from all rides taken through
its app. This felt like an important first step, and a great way to begin
taking responsibility for the company's carbon footprint.

Offsets, however, are only ever the first step. Eventually, we have to
figure out how to slash carbon emissions at source.
That's why it's exciting to hear that Lyft is planning to expand
availability of electric and hybrid vehicles available through the app. Part
of that effort starts with the launch of "Green Mode", which will allow
users to explicitly request an electric or hybrid vehicle when they request
a ride. This particular feature went live in Seattle on Wednesday and will
soon roll out to other cities across the nation.

Of course, requesting an electric vehicle only works if there are electric
vehicles available in your area. And here, too, Lyft has plans. Through the
company's ExpressDrive program—a rental service that allows drivers without
their own vehicle to get access to one and and earn money—Lyft is going to
be making electric vehicles available as an option. Rental fees will
apparently include unlimited charging during the initial rollout and, even
after that offer phases out, Lyft is expecting lower running costs to result
in hundreds of dollars a month in savings for many drivers.

The EV rollout through ExpressDrive is already underway in Seattle and
Atlanta, but we can expect more cities to come online soon too. And while
many of us continue to worry about the impact of ride hailing on transit,
Lyft is apparently working on solutions on that front too.

All in all, if I was going to go about greening up a ride hailing service
like Lyft, this is pretty much how I'd plan on doing it. Let's hope others
take note.
Lyft offers electric vehicle options for riders, drivers

Lyft passengers will soon be able to request a ride in an electric or hybrid
vehicle when they're planning a trip

Lyft passengers will soon be able to request a ride in an electric or hybrid
vehicle when they're planning a trip.

The ride-hailing company is launching the feature first in Seattle and then
in other cities. The option will show up when passengers are choosing
between available Lyft vehicles and it will not cost more for riders than
traveling in a car with an internal combustion engine.

Lyft is also rolling out electric vehicles in Seattle and Atlanta in the
fleet of cars that it rents to Lyft drivers who don't own their own

The company met with driver and rider groups in the Pacific Northwest and
"the number one thing on the list for passengers and for drivers was green
vehicles," said Jon McNeill, chief operating officer of Lyft.

"The cost per mile for an electric is half that of a gas car, and so as we
were working on this further, we said this is an excellent way to bring down
cost for drivers," McNeill said.

Seattle also has more drivers of electric and hybrid cars than other
markets, and Lyft has "tens of thousands" of drivers of electric and hybrid
vehicles nationwide, McNeill said, declining to release more specific
numbers. "It's a significant portion of our fleet, and we want to make it a
very significant part over time," he added.

Asked whether there are enough green vehicle drivers for customers to
reliably have the option, McNeill said that given the density of electric
and hybrid vehicle drivers in Seattle, he is not concerned.

"It will be interesting to see from a consumer perspective, if you want to
be picked up by an electric vehicle, what if the wait's 10 minutes longer?
Because not everyone's going to be driving one of those," said Steven
Polzin, program director for mobility policy research at the University of
South Florida's Center for Urban Transportation Research.

Seattle has policies that encourage shared mobility and the city has worked
hard to discourage ownership of single occupancy vehicles, said Sharon
Feigon, executive director of the Shared Use Mobility Center. "I would think
this helps encourage demand (for electric vehicles)," Feigon said.

The move comes as Lyft prepares to go public sometime this year.

Uber, which is also preparing for an IPO, launched a feature in June that
lets passengers know if they are riding in an electric vehicle.
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Lyft offers electric vehicle options for riders, drivers 
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