Hispano Suiza’s new electric hypercar might* look like this
4 Feb 2019  Vijay Pattni


*Maybe. A bit. Get ready for the ‘Carmen’: Spain’s very own full EV grand

Hispano Suiza, you probably won’t remember at all, used to build cars. Quite
a few of them actually, a very, very long time ago. Between 1904 and 1946,
the Spanish company built over 12,000 luxury automobiles. Now, it’s back,
and is planning to build a few more with the announcement of a new hypercar.

An electric hypercar. One of the pictures above showcases the bones of what
we’ll soon be calling ‘Carmen’, HS’s idea of a “fully electric hyperlux
grand tourer”.

We don’t know much, aside from the fact it’s named after the granddaughter
of Hispano Suiza’s founder, and that the hand-built hypercar will feature a
stiff, hand-laid carbon fibre monocoque. This, explains HS, “provides the
foundation for the car’s exceptional luxury, comfort, innovation and
attention to detail”.

It’ll be filled in with a full electric powertrain, the design of which
comes via QEV technologies. QEV technologies, we’re told, does a lot of work
with Formula E, ‘supercar brands and mainstream car manufacturers’.

Design? It’ll take inspiration from the 1938 Dubonnet Xenia – pictured above
– which, frankly, is tremendous. Just look at that thing. It’s magnificent.
In fact, the designers don’t need to do anything. Just drop that body
wholesale over the carbon monocoque. Jobs a good ‘un.

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