EVLN: (vw-pr) Tesla Powerwall packs @vw> a natural fit
Volkswagen will use Tesla battery packs in some of its US charging stations
Feb 4, 2019  The addition of Tesla's battery storage units to VW's
fast-growing EV charging ... out the infrastructure needed to support the
mass adoption of electric vehicles ...
EVLN: CARB funded USPS Step Vans> old idea revisited
Motiv Power Systems Delivers First of Seven All-Electric Step Vans to the
United States Postal Service (USPS) as Part of CARB Funding Program
Feb 05, 2019  The USPS has a long history of testing electric vehicles for
city delivery. In fact, the first known test of an electric vehicle for mail
collection was in Buffalo, New ...

Volkswagen to produce chargers for electric vehicles
30 January, 2019  Later, the charging station will provide a second life for
batteries from electric vehicles. A battery loses charging capacity over
time. When a vehicle battery ...
Robot mail delivery trucks developed in Detroit ready for China, US
Feb. 10, 2019  “We wanted the U1 to look like a Detroit vehicle,” Wang said.
... Quadrobot's U1 electric autonomous delivery vehicle has a modular
construction with motors ...
What EV advantages should ads emphasize for the masses in 2019? Feb 4, 2019 
With as many as ten new electric-car models arriving on U.S. roads in 2019,
automakers are showing a new willingness to advertise them. Notwithstanding
LAPD 0DS e-motorcycle pulled-over Tesla-3's knack4 quiet-ticketing
Zero electric motorcycle pulls over Tesla in 'quietest police pursuit ever'
Feb. 8th 2019  And some police departments have been outfitting their
officers with even more efficient vehicles – electric bicycles. The LAPD
recently purchased 20 electric ...

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