% The newswire below is titled as anti-EV. 
IMO, TMC shows they are anti-all-other-vehicles (note: no  fcv/foolcells
were shown). 
*The video starts out with a fingernail-red Prius hev passing horse riders
racing with a stagecoach, then ice through-time: a horseless carriage, a
1900's torpedo racer, a 30's gangster straight-8, 50's flame-painted
hotrodders, a 280z, a lamborghini (lambo) on a flatbed truck being towed
away with a frustrated date inside, and lastly, the prius zooms past a
watch/time-checking EV driver charging off a slow L2-6kW EVSE in a smallish
vw golf sized EV. The prius driver is shown giving a long gaze at the EV
with disdain before returning his eyes back to the road ahead.
-One of the ending ad banners sez 'don't get left behind'. IMO, it is TMC
that is behind, holding on to the past, still trying to sell the
A truer ad would have shown an EV charging at above L3-150kW, and the lambo
should have been a fcv because a tow to a far away h2 station would be
needed. TMC= behind the times, head stuck in the sand, oblivious to reality.

Toyota produces shameful anti-electric vehicle ad to sell Corolla hybrid
Feb. 12th 2019  Fred Lambert


Toyota Corolla 2019 TV Advert - 60"

Toyota, which has a long history of being against all-electric vehicles, has
produced another shameful anti-electric vehicle ad to sell its new Corolla

The Japanese automaker has long been a proponent of hybrid and fuel cell
vehicles, but it has shunned all-electric vehicles and focused on
‘electrified’ by 2025.

Toyota has been going further than simply not making all-electric vehicles,
aside from the Clarity EV compliance car, it has also been producing
advertising content that some would call propaganda against all-electric

Last year, Lexus, Toyota’s premium brand, advertised its hybrids (HEVs
without plugs) as “self-charging”, having “infinite range”, while trash
talking all-electric vehicles in the process.

Now Toyota is releasing a new ad for its Corolla and it is again pushing its
misleading ‘self-charging’ claim and took a swipe at plug-in electric
vehicles at the end:

The Japanese automaker recently admitted that Tesla Model 3 is affecting its
Prius sales, but it’s still not convinced on all-electric vehicles.

Nonetheless, they have been talking about launching new all-electric vehicle
programs, but it sounds like they are focusing on compliance cars to comply
with emission regulations.
Electrek’s Take

This ‘self-charging’ thing is really bugging me.

Don’t get me wrong, a hybrid is more efficient than a purely ICE vehicle,
but it’s still 100% powered by gas.

Therefore, their ‘self-charging’ is nothing more than ‘self-refueling’ and
the fuel is being burned to power an electric motor.

The idea that they think they can make that sound like something comparable
to charging a battery, which you can charge with your own choice of power
source, albeit limited, is absolutely ridiculous to me.

I don’t know if it will actually work. I suppose it’s working if they
started using it with Lexus and now they are also bringing the same
marketing to Toyota.

I’m disappointed in Toyota for doing it, but the fact that they feel like
they need to take a shot at all-electric vehicles in order to sell their
hybrids is probably a good sign for the future – just not Toyota’s future.
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Driverless, On-Demand Vehicles Will Bring The Grocery Store To You
2019/02/07  Robomart electric vehicles are equipped with driverless tech,
and will eventually be fully autonomous. Initially, public pilot ...

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