EVLN: £79k Mini EV r:125mi ts:80mph 0-60mph:9.2s
Fully-electric classic Mini goes on sale in the UK - You won’t believe how
much it costs
Feb 15, 2019  An all-new electric classic Mini has gone on sale in the UK.
... Another benefit of the car being electric, as well as its zero-emissions
power is the additional ...
EVLN: 1st US Delivered Kona EV in Baltimore-MD
The First Hyundai Kona Electric Delivered In US
2019/02/15  While electric vehicles are, of course, more
environmentally-friendly than their gas-guzzling cousins, we understand this
particular Kona Electric will be going to ...

The Auto Sleuth: Aston Martin EV on track for 2021 launch
February 14, 2019  Aston Martin's new luxury ride will be propelled by twin
electric motors (one for each axle), making it the company's first electric
car. Aston Martin Lagonda (the ...!/fileImage/httpImage/image.jpg_gen/derivatives/landscape_804/new-f5-0215-aston-jpg.jpg
Tesla’s ‘Party and Camping Mode’ coming in a ‘month or two’ says Elon Musk
February 15, 2019  Tesla owners looking forward to the release of a
dedicated “Party and Camper Mode” for their electric cars can expect a month
Oil &utilities buying up charging> fossil buy-in
Oil companies and utilities are buying up all the electric car charging
February 5, 2019  For decades, oil and gas companies and utilities dismissed
electric cars. Now, the old petroleum and power giants are muscling into the
driver's seat of the “new ...

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