> Right now, a negligible number of people drive EVs.
> The public at large still considers them golf carts, or rich yuppie

But each of us can make a huge difference.

Back in 2011, I bought some professional EV charging Outlet signs and hung
them on the two light poles in the church parking lot that had 120v
outlets.  They were never if ever used over the next 6 years, but slowly
but surely people in the church started buying EV's because they could see
my car occasionally plulgged in and began to see the ubiquity of EV
charging wherever there is an outlet.

Now we have 20% of the active pople in the church driving EV's and most
can't wait for their gas car to die, so they too can get an EV.  And
FINALLY, in 2018, we got a lady with a Prius Plugin that had to plug in on
EVERY trip in order to get home on Electric.  So finally, over Christmas
holidays, I ran a cable to another pole where I installed our first L2.
Then a month later, I added another L2.  And now everyone wants to use

So today I was going to add another L2 cord, but then realized the point
is already made.  We have 5five very visible EV charging signs in the
parking lot, and everyone knows we are in full support of EVs.  But we
decided not to install any more L2 cords, because they encourage too much
casual convenience charging that blocks those that actually need it.  So
we are going to leave the rest as just L1 and L2 socket outlets.  This
way, not everyone just immedialtey goes and uses the cord (whether they
really need it or not).

Now the lady that MUST have a charge on every visit can bring her own L2
cord and plug it into one of the other 240v outlets and quite reasonably
expect not to be blocked by someone else who does not need the charge is
going to go to the trouble of getting out their cord and using it.

So now we have capacity for five L2s (2 cords left in place) and a total
of ten L1 outlets.

It has really snowballed.  See photos:

The new L2's are not shown yet, but the original two L1 outlet signs are
at the top.

I install two 120v outlets on each post along with a single 240v outlet.
And then a small note says, "Either one L2 or two L1's but not both".
Each post has properly rated #10 conductors for the 16 amps on Line1 and
Line2 and Ground and a #12 for Neutral since the Neutral carries either
zero or only the 12 amps of a single L1.

Is this legal under the NEC?

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