'first responders instituted tactics to fight a battery fire by pouring
3,000 gallons of water on the white SUV'

Fiery Tesla Model X crash in Fremont leaves driver injured
February 18, 2019  David Louie

Tesla driver survives fiery Model X crash in Fremont

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The driver of a Tesla Model X SUV survived what appeared to be a high-speed
crash in Fremont after smashing head-on into a tree on Paseo Padre Parkway
near Thornton Avenue

After you see these photos, you'll be even more amazed that a Tesla driver
was able to walk away from a head-on crash into a tree in Fremont.

Fremont Police Department  @FremontPD
Southbound Paseo Padre Pkwy at Thornton is closed due to a single vehicle
At approx. 7:10 am, a driver (single occupant) collided with a tree,
resulting in a fire.  The driver sustained non-life threatening visible
injuries and was transported to a local hospital.
11:33 AM - Feb 18, 2019

FREMONT, Calif. (KGO) -- The driver of a Tesla Model X SUV survived what
appeared to be a high-speed crash this morning in Fremont after smashing
head-on into a tree on Paseo Padre Parkway near Thornton Avenue. Fremont
Fire Battalion Chief Gary Ashley said the driver was able to free himself
from the wreckage. The vehicle caught fire and suffered extensive damage to
the front third. No other vehicles were involved.

This happened shortly after 7 a.m. on Monday. Battalion Chief Ashley said it
was not immediately known what triggered the fire in the electric vehicle,
but first responders instituted tactics to fight a battery fire by pouring
3,000 gallons of water on the white SUV. They also used a thermal imaging
camera to detect to monitor whether the batteries might cause a second fire
to erupt as has happened in previous Tesla crashes. After more than two
hours, fire personnel deemed it was safe to move the wreckage on a flatbed
tow truck where the Tesla was isolated and monitored for a second fire at a
tow yard.

Tesla issued this statement after ABC7 News contacted the company: "We have
been in touch with the local authorities to learn the facts of the incident
and offer our full cooperation. The damage sustained by the vehicle is
indicative of a very high speed collision, which can result in a fire in any
type of car, not just electric vehicles. Despite the significant impact, we
understand that the driver sustained only minor injuries and has been taken
to the hospital for further evaluation. We are glad that he is safe."

The Model X is registered to Brian Morton. Tesla would not confirm whether
he is a Tesla employee.

This is the second incident involving Tesla in three days to which Fremont
firefighters have responded. On Saturday night, a fire erupted in a
fenced-in area of Tesla's Fremont auto plant. Battalion Chief Ashley, who
also was at that incident, said that it was difficult at first to know what
was on fire until Tesla supervisors arrived. The Fremont Fire Department
dispatched 25 personnel, including its entire hazard materials unit, to that

When asked for a statement about the Saturday night fire, a Tesla
spokesperson would only say it was contained, there were no injuries and
there was no impact to production.

"We were able to determine that some battery modules were involved, not so
much a complete pack but modules that were disassembled as I understand it
for recycling," said Battalion Chief Ashley. Once that was determined,
Ashley said Tesla provided a forklift and bins which they filled with water
to submerge the battery components ...
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Tesla Model X slams into tree but driver OK
February 18, 2019 - FREMONT — A Tesla Model X ran off the road and slammed
into a tree early Monday morning, but the driver will be OK, police said.
The crash ...

Tesla employee fatigues after working overnight shift, crashes Model X in
fiery explosion: police
Feb 18 2019  FREMONT, Calif. (KTVU) - The driver of a Tesla Model X, who is
also an employee of the works at the car company, worked an overnight shift
and was fatigued,when he crashed on Monday in Fremont causing a fire and a
partial road shutdown, police said.

Police closed southbound Paseo Padre Pkwy at Thornton Ave was closed because
about 7 a.m. solo vehicle collision, and reopened it about 10:30 a.m.

Tesla engineers were sent to investigate, police said, and firefighters were
seen inspecting the wreckage of the charred car, which landed in bewteen two
trees on a grassy section of a sidewalk.

A Tesla crashed in Fremont on Monday causing a fire and a partial road
shutdown. Feb. 19, 2019
Police said the driver suffered minor injuries and was lucky to walk away

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SUV being destroyed. A fire followed the crash, the cause of which is still
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