Tesla Runs Red Light At 128 MPH, Smashes Into Infiniti SUV: Video


CCTV tape  Surveillance video shows Tesla running red light before major

Violent Crash Nearly Rips SUV In Half In Miami Beach

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     · Feb 15, 2019
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    It ain't Tesla's fault because it won't allow it to go that far passed
the speed limit if it were to be on self driving. Either ways, self driving
doesn't read traffic signals yet, and this was the driver who caused it.
Still a piece of shit for speeding and endangering others.

    Elon Musk @elonmusk
    Yes, Autopilot max speed is 5mph above speed limit off highway or 90mph
on highway
    10:33 PM - Feb 15, 2019

Fortunately, everyone involved in this horrific crash survived.

Surveillance video obtained just yesterday from an October 21, 2018 crash
shows the moment a white Tesla ran a red light in Miami Beach and crashed
into an Infiniti SUV.

All three occupants of the SUV were seriously injured, but all survived. The
EMS is seen in the video at the right place and right time to immediately

According to police, the Tesla (Model S, we believe) was recklessly
traveling at 128 MPH two seconds before the crash. However, the car slowed
to 93 MPH at the time of impact. It appears as though Tesla’s Automatic
Emergency Braking attempts to slow the car prior to impact.

The video description adds:

    'Jose Manuel Soto, 38, surrendered to authorities Jan. 25 on three
counts of reckless driving causing serious bodily injury. According to a
complaint affidavit, Soto was speeding on the MacArthur Causeway at 1:05
a.m. Oct. 21 when he ran a red light and crashed into the Infiniti as it was
legally making a U-turn on Fountain Street.'

Musk On How Autopilot Works

Autopilot was not engaged due to the fact that it doesn’t allow for this
sort of highly dangerous, high-speed driving. Tesla CEO Elon Musk posted
this to Twitter when he got word of the crash:

Had Autopilot been engaged, the crash wouldn’t have occurred.

This is simply a case of a reckless, destructive driver and the person
behind the wheel of the Tesla is fully at fault. However, it speaks volumes
for the safety of the Tesla, as both occupants were uninjured. And the
safety of the Infiniti too, as it was hit in the side. That sort of impact
at that speed is not easy to protect against.
Police Comments

Miami Beach Police spokesperson Ernesto Rodriguez stated:

    “An impact so hard, it nearly cuts that SUV in half. “We’re talking
spinal fractures, collapsed lungs, one with a traumatic brain injury,”

    “That’s reckless endangerment for everyone.”

    “At 128 miles per hour, I don’t think anyone stood a chance.”

Interview With Victim Survivor

Down below is another video. This one features an interview with one of the
survivors who was inside the Infiniti SUV.

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