EVLN: Stuber (Leaf-EV Uber-driver Stu)> Nanjiani wanted 2do this movie
Kumail Nanjiani in the driver’s seat with ‘Stuber’
 ... tracking murderers and drug dealers ..., involved in shootouts and car
chases, all in a sensible electric car ... “We spent many hours ... in a
Nissan Leaf, like every day ...
EVLN: (leaked-pr-images) 2021 BMW i4 EV r:600km
New Images Of The BMW i4 Electric Vehicle Have Been Leaked
May 04, 2019  New images have emerged of the interior of the all-electric
600km range BMW i4, expected to enter production in 2021. BMW, which will
expand e-car portfolio ...

+ (Free Range EV pack ... Lower weight EV= more efficient)
Is Your Electric Car Battery-Farmed or Free Range?
April 18, 2019  Adding the weight of bigger batteries to achieve range is a
symptom of an immature electric vehicle market and only when we understand
this and start losing weight will electric cars become truly efficient ...
adding batteries gives you range on the straights, subtracting weight makes
you more efficient everywhere ...
If Electric Car Maker Enovate Can Produce An EV With A Solid-State Battery,
Everything Changes
Apr 24, 2019  Chinese electric vehicle maker Enovate ... in a crash, and
repair of a solid-state battery could be vastly simplified ...  electrolyte,
is a jelly-like substance or a polymer ... reduced charging times ... high
energy density ...
Electric Car Mechanics Graduate in San Jose
Apr 26, 2019  With more electric cars hitting the road, there is a need for
those who can fix them. In the first of its kind, mechanics graduated from
Evergreen Valley College in San Jose specializing in electric cars. Scott
Budman reports ...
Ranchers don’t want a ‘playboy’s e-truck’> want 1ton-ice power &range
GM joins Tesla, Ford in building EV pickups — but Texas ranchers don’t want
a ‘playboy’s truck’
May 3 2019 ... Williams, ... Texas rancher, said the technology interests
him, “especially if they can make an electric that has the same power and
range as a one-ton diesel ice.” ... operates two farms and six ranches in
what he called “far West Texas,” 275 miles from El Paso and even further
from San Antonio ...  if an all-electric model “breaks down, what do I do?”
... rancher Helvey says he does expect there’ll be a market for all-electric
trucks “for city dwellers and weekend warriors.” ... “I like the idea” ...
said Jennifer Stevenson, an emergency room physician at a suburban Detroit
hospital and an owner of a new Ford F-150 Lariat ice. And while she rarely
hauls much cargo or tows a trailer, Stevenson and her fiancé take frequent
trips in remote places, such as Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, and “I don’t
want to have to worry about finding a place to plug in.” ...

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