‘Tesla saved my life’, says owner after walking away from high-speed crash
on Autopilot
May. 9th 2019  Fred Lambert

Tesla Model S crash Autopilot

A Tesla Model S owner says that Tesla’s safety level “saved his life” after
he managed to walk away mostly uninjured after a horrific high-speed crash
on Autopilot.

Peder Hulthin, a Tesla Model S 70D owner from Norway, told Electrek (after
first sharing the story on the Teslanytt facebook group) that he was driving
his electric car on Autopilot on the highway between Oslo and Drammen when a
car swerved in and out of his lane.

As the vehicle exited his lane, there was red van stuck in the middle of the
highway and neither Hulthin or Autopilot could react in time to avoid the

The Model S hit the vehicle head-on at about 85 to 90 km/h, according to the

Hulthin shared pictures of the aftermath with Electrek — showing just how
strong of an impact the Model S had to absorb:

Despite the severity of the crash, Hulthin says that he was able to walk
away from the accident with only bruises related to the airbags.

He told Electrek:

    “The car has without a doubt saved my life and Tesla’s engineering has
done its job.”

The Model S is known to be amongst the safest cars in the world based on its
safety ratings, but it is especially performing well when it comes to
front-end collisions due to its large crumple zone.

Electrek’s Take

The lack of engine at the front serves to absorb the energy in the instance
of a crash instead of pushing on the cabin.

We have seen many previous examples of severe crashes involving Tesla
vehicles where the crumple zone was completely destroyed, but the driver and
passengers survived.

It’s an interesting example of how electric vehicles can be more easily
designed for safety.

As for the Autopilot component in the crash, we have now seen many examples
of Autopilot not recognizing a stopped vehicle on the highway, especially
after a lead vehicle exits the lane.

In this instance, maybe there wasn’t time to react either way, but it looks
like the emergency braking system didn’t engage. It’s something that Tesla
really needs to work on.

Tesla owner claims Autopilot made impressive maneuver caught on video to
avoid crash
May 6, 2019 ... yesterday and it pushed the electric car toward another
vehicle in front of it, but the driver claims that ... The accident was
caught on Tesla's dashcam feature. ... The vehicle wasn't on Autopilot, but
the system also powers collision avoidance ...

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