Chevy Bolt EUV electric crossover caught in the wild
May 17th 2019  John Beltz Snyder

Chevrolet Bolt EUV
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Looks more like a CUV than the current Bolt

The Chevy Bolt EV has been kicking around for a couple years now, but GM has
sold enough EVs to start the scale-down on federal tax credits — and the
car's price hasn't changed. We haven't seen the most recent sales figures,
as GM now reports quarterly, but Bolt sales have been in a slow but fairly
steady decline. GM, though, is committed to EVs, and has shown an electric
Cadillac concept and confirmed an electric pickup. It has also said it will
build another crossover alongside the Bolt, which is rumored to be called
the Bolt EUV (as a trademark dug up by GM Authority could suggest), and is
almost certainly what you see in the photos caught by our spy photographer,

This definitely looks more like a legitimate crossover than the Bolt (which
Chevy also, questionably, refers to as a crossover), but beyond its more
upright stance, it's hard to tell what this thing actually looks like under
that thick cladding and camouflage. We expect it to be larger than the
current Bolt, but it's hard to tell by how much until some of the camo comes
off. We can see that there's no exhaust, and the video below confirms it
runs silently as expected for an electric car.

GM is developing a new BEV platform, called BEV3, but meanwhile plans to use
the current Bolt's BEV2 platform for two new crossovers, as stated in a
presentation in late 2017. GM is also investing big bucks in its Lake Orion
plant to build at least one of those. Connecting the dots, this could very
well be the EV we're seeing here. It'll be interesting to see if this ends
up cannibalizing sales of the original Bolt. We wouldn't be surprised if GM
has thought the same thing, and offers this as a half-step to a replacement
until it starts building EVs on its BEV3 platform in coming years. We don't
have official word yet, but based on intel and GM's general timeline, we
could likely see a production version of the vehicle you see in these spy
photos come late next year.
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