EVLN: (captured oops) Vauxhall Corsa-e leaked ahead of 2020 release
2020 Opel Corsa leaked 
May 22, 2019  The next-generation Opel Corsa has been leaked on an online
forum months ahead of scheduled debut in Frankfurt ... Given Opel pulled out
of the Australian market ...,q_auto,f_auto,w_770,h_382/vu0pzrkfgzywxedgfyop.jpg
EVLN: Ford 'Mach-E'> Mustang-inspired crossover EV (v)
Ford 'Mach-E' electric crossover takes aim for Tesla Model Y
The new car will be the first Ford designed as an electric car from the
ground up, with a bespoke new platform enabling both ...

A buyers’ guide to hybrids and electric vehicles
May 16, 2019  As diesel sales decline, registrations of alternatively
fuelled vehicles (AFVs) have soared. In 2018 141,234 were sold ...
Ford axes 10pc of workforce as it restructures for electric cars
May 21, 2019  Detroit | Ford ... long-awaited restructuring plan as it
prepares for a future of electric and autonomous vehicles by parting ways
with 7000 white-collar workers worldwide, about 10 per cent of its global
salaried workforce ... About 6000 blue-collar positions were cut, but most
of laid-off factory workers in the US will be placed at other plants mainly
that build trucks and SUVs ...
Your Kid’s Next High School Project Might be an Electric Car
May 17, 2019  The school administration liked the idea. He then took an EV
conversion course in San Diego. “In 10 days, 25 teachers were ...

EVent: Charlie Garlow '74 Porsche EV conversion @ Eday
Electric cars on display to celebrate Earth Day
May 19, 2019  As part of Drive Electric Earth Day, members of the Delaware
Electric Vehicle Association gathered ... Among the cars are a Chevrolet
Bolt, Fiat 500 and Tesla ...

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