A small electric car or a very roomy handbag?
May 22, 2019  Carrie Hampel

BAIC BJEV China baic-bjev-handbag

How about an electric car made to look like a handbag? That’s what BAIC BJEV
has come up with for its launch edition EV released on China’s ‘Internet
Valentine’s Day’ on May 20. While they’ve made some questionable style
choices, other features seem rather fun.

To start with the obvious, those handbag handles on top of the roof is an
accessory you might want to get rid of sooner or later. But, as you will get
noticed in the little electric car anyway – despite it being about the same
length as a Smart – you might want to make good use of the LED displays at
the front and back that allow designing emoticons or messages for public
display. Just be careful what you say, as this future-fancy, cheap, flashy
little car with a questionable top has upgraded voice recognition.

But handbag handles aside (please!), according to Gasgoo China Automotive
News, the performance data isn’t bad either: The Lite-R300 has an electric
motor at the rear axle with a maximum output of 40kW and torque peak of 140
Nm. A 30kWh lithium battery enables an NEDC range of up to 300km. The little
electric car can charge up to 80% of its battery capacity within 30 minutes
in fast charging mode.

Admittedly also appealing, is the three futuristic, liquid crystal display
screens which make up an instrument panel, a centre console and an
entertainment screen. Customers also welcome the xenon headlights, frameless
car doors, aluminium alloy rims, panoramic roof and automotive backup camera
apparently, and indeed, the price of between 14,400 – 16,454 euros after
subsidies makes the BAIC BJEV Lite-R300 a most affordable electric car.
BAIC BJEV’s handbag-shaped LITE-R300 EV hits the market on China’s Internet
Valentine's Day
May 21 , 2019

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