EVLN: Triumph,Williams e-motorcycle alliance

Triumph and Williams form alliance to start building electric motorcycles
May 22, 2019  Team Britain has begun assembling its forces to join the
battle for electric ... a lightweight battery pack, battery management unit
and vehicle control unit. Integral ...
EVLN: Chevron-pr is pro-EV &has secret con-EV campaign> forked-tongue
Chevron lobbyist pushes secretive campaign against electric cars in Arizona
May. 28th 2019  Oil and gas company Chevron recently announced that it's
bringing electric vehicle chargers to its gas stations — meanwhile, one of
its lobbyists is spurring a fight against EV infrastructure ...

Patent Fillings Show Jaguar's Wild Return To Motorcycles
May 23, 2019  From the moment that Arc Vehicles showed off its futuristic
electric Vector bike last November, the company ...
ChargePoint & Chevron Partner To Bring More Fast Charging To More Gas
May 25, 2019  ChargePoint and Chevron have partnered on a new corridor of DC
Fast Charging ... “We are excited to be working with ChargePoint to install
electric vehicle ...
The Audi TT Is Getting Replaced by an "Emotive" Electric Car
May 23, 2019  The Audi TT will be replaced in a few years by a new, fully
electric model that might not be a sports car at all. Audi says the new EV
will be "emotive" and priced ...
$3B VW dieselgate fund$ squandered> lack of EV focus
States squandering $3B VW settlement fund with lack of EV focus: report
May 24, 2019  However, the report points out that more than a dozen states
have either no plan, or limited plans, to prioritize electric vehicles (EV)
and infrastructure. The report ...
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