Chevron's two-faced approach to electric cars
MAY 30, 2019  "Their hypocrisy is both oddly timed and entertainingly
transparent."  Just a week after Chevron announced a plan to install
electric vehicle (EV) chargers at some California gas stations, it has been
revealed that one of the company’s lobbyists has been pushing a secret
effort to block charging stations in Arizona ...  “Chevron and its industry
associates have a decades-long history of astroturfing tactics against
electric vehicles, so their efforts in Arizona aren’t surprising” ... “EV
drivers are already understandably cynical about oil companies entering the
charging fray, and Chevron is singlehandedly justifying their concerns.” ...

Chevron taps retirees to oppose EV charging in Arizona
Green Car Reports-10 hours ago
Chevron Retirees Association president Shel Larsen forwarded Catedral King's
email to members saying "We need your help! ... Let the electric vehicle
industry ...

Big Oil Operative Gets Busted Secretly Undermining Electric Cars
Futurism-6 hours ago
Big Oil Operative Gets Busted Secretly Undermining Electric Cars ... Each of
the letters was sent by a Chevron oil company retiree at the behest of a
Chevron ...

Big automakers are grudgingly buying into EVs — but oil majors still lag
May 28, 2019  In just three years, many electric cars will sport the same
sticker price as their .... "Even if Chevron takes a big position in EV
charging and pushes for an ...

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