Tesla pickup truck’s starting price to be $49K at most, undercutting
Rivian’s R1T
June 2, 2019  Simon Alvarez


Ryan McCaffrey’s Ride the Lightning podcast episode featuring Elon Musk

Elon Musk has mentioned in the past that among Tesla’s upcoming vehicles, he
is most excited about the electric car maker’s upcoming pickup truck. Musk
has revealed some details about the vehicle little by little over the past
months, from its Blade Runner cyberpunk look to its insane tech. During his
recent appearance at Tesla owner-enthusiast Ryan McCaffrey‘s Ride the
Lightning podcast, the CEO revealed one notable aspect of the vehicle: it’s
starting price.

Musk noted that the Tesla pickup truck would have a starting price of
$49,000 at most, though he pointed out that the company is looking to offer
the vehicle at “well under” $50,000. “You should be able to buy a really
great truck for $49k or less,” Musk said.

At a starting price of $49,000 maximum, the Tesla pickup truck will undercut
the Rivian R1T, an all-electric truck that has been critically-acclaimed
since its unveiling last year. Compared to the Tesla truck, the R1T will
carry a significant premium, starting at $69,000. That said, it should be
noted that the Rivian R1T is entering the market as a luxury adventure
pickup truck, which could also suggest that the Silicon Valley-based
electric car maker is going for another demographic with the Tesla Truck.

While Musk admits that the Tesla Truck will likely be polarizing for buyers
in the way that its design might be futuristic for some people, he stated
that the vehicle would have the functionalities of a truck, and more. Musk
noted that Tesla’s goal for its pickup is to be better than a Ford F-150 in
terms of functionality and better than a (Porsche) 911 in terms of sports
car attributes. “It’s going to be a truck that’s more capable than other
trucks,” Musk explained.

The CEO has previously mentioned that the Tesla Truck will not look out of
place in the set of the sci-fi Blade Runner franchise, and he has also noted
that the vehicle will be loaded to the teeth with tech [
]. In a series of tweets last year, Musk noted that the Tesla pickup would
have six seats, 400-500 miles of range per charge, dual motor AWD, a
240-volt connection for heavy-duty tools, and up to 300,000 pounds of towing
capacity, to name a few. Nevertheless, considering the vehicle’s starting
price, Tesla seems to be looking to release a version of the vehicle that is
specifically aimed at customers that need functionality and utility.

As a final note, Elon Musk also confirmed that the teaser image shared by
Tesla during the Model Y unveiling is the front of the pickup truck. Let the
next round of Tesla Truck renders begin, at least until the electric car
maker unveils the vehicle later this year [
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