Meet The e1 Entry Level Electric Car From BYD
May 26, 2019  Mark Kane

BYD e1

BYD AUTO Club Vietnam BYD E1 (cheap electric cars 50 million)
xe ô tô ?i?n giá r? 50 tr
BYD AUTO Club Vietnam (Cheap new model train cars replace BYD F0, electric cars
BYD E1 can travel more than 305 km) Xe tàu giá r? m?u m?i thay th? BYD F0, ô
tô ?i?n BYD E1 ?i ???c h?n 305 km (Evaluation of BYD E1 electric cars cost 50 million to go
more than 300km 1 time charging) ?ánh giá BYD E1 ô tô ?i?n giá 50 tri?u ?i
???c h?n 300km 1 l?n s?c ?i?n
Sales of BYD e1 began in April 2019 with 1,157 deliveries.

BYD introduced in China an all-new all-electric car - the BYD e1 mini-car,
which is a derivative of conventional BYD F0.

It's a small but cute looking entry-level BEV, which in its first month
noted a noticeable 1,157 sales.

At a price (after subsidies) of 59,900-79,900 yuan ($8,681-$11,579), the e1
can potentially reach a level of five-digit sales per month, but it's hard
to say as the Chinese market is changing and consumers are more willing to
buy bigger (and safer) cars (like at least the BYD Yuan).

The e1 is equipped with a big (for its size) 32.2 kWh battery, which should
be good for up to 305 km (190 miles) on a single charge. The 45 kW electric
motor is one of smallest in EVs, but provided you do not exceed 50 km/h (31
mph) in city centers, it still should be snappy enough.

BYD e1 specs:
    32.2 kWh battery
    up to 305 km (190 miles) of all-electric range or 360 km (224 miles) at
best at low constant speed
    0-50 km/h (31 mph) in 5.9 seconds
    30-80% charging in 1.5 h
    system output of 45 kW and 110 Nm of torque
    dimensions: 3465×1618×1500

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