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I once listened to a great talk about Drupal at Barcamp Berlin and after that I felt quite unprepared. So in order to create some slides for next time I wonder if the someone (foundation or somebody else) can provide some statistics on how cool we are :-)


- number of contributors to Plone core
- number of contributors to the collective
- access statistics for plone.org
- number of downloads of Plone 3.0 and 2.5
- mailing list statistics/activities
- some statistics on developments (checkins per month or something like that)
- activity on the tracker

and other things which might come to mind. It would be great to have some pool of numbers which you can select from when doing a presentation. I know that I can get the numbers on some of the stuff myself, just wondering if somebody has them collected already. If not I will try to do so.

I am also planning on putting my slides online under a CC license once I have them. I might also check my somewhat older presentation I once did for Pilot Systems for some fair.

The Drupal one was insofar nice that it presented the various level of community involvement, many statistics, release schedules, how the security team is setup (how is our story here? not that we have that many problems but still) and so on.

I also learned that you can do all the stuff we can do with Plone in Drupal. So I think our main advantage here really is usability (because that was what people were excited about when I talked to them about how Plone does it).



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