CC-ing Bernhard Bühlmann, he probably knows if anything is planned for LinuxDays 2008. :)

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For any Europeans who would like to attend the LinuxDays in Geneva,
they are offering a free booth to represent the Plone Foundation. See

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 Good afternoon,

 The LinuxDays ( ) will take place in Geneva, 21st
and 22nd of May, aimimg at promoting GNU/Linux and Free Software in
Switzerland. While open to the general public, it's more geared
towards the professional world. The list of attendees is available on
the website, as well as the list of seminars and their themes.

 Would the Plone Foundation be interested in attending the event? We'd
be happy to provide you a free booth, and we accept seminars as long
as we have slots available.

Should you require any additional information, we remain at your service.

 We're looking forward to see you at LinuxDays,

 Kinds regards,
 The LinuxDays team

 6 Avenue Petit-Senn
 CH-1225 Chêne-Bourg
 Tel:   +41 22 348 30 15

 Les LinuxDays 2008 auront lieu les 21 et 22 mai 2008 à Genève.

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