It would be great if more people join the World Plone Day organization, and there are some initiatives we could start:

+ World Plone Day Logo
Most of Plone events have great logos, just check NOLA, Plone Symposium East and PloneConf. The WPD logo will be printed all over the world, it is a great opportunity for astist to show their work. Then, it would be great to organize a WPD logo contest. And also would be great if we have a champion to organize it!. So, would you be interested to champion it ?

+ World Plone Day Flier
We need a flier!... of course the logo will impact on the flier desing, but we need to decide the flier content. Any volunteer to champion the flier ?

+ World Plone Day Poll
The WPD is a great opportunity to do a poll to the asistants and know about what people know, expectations, what are they looking for, and so on. To have success here we should be able to deal with big challenges, and it would be great to start discussions about what we should ask to the people interested in Plone and CMSs. Any volunteer to champion it ?

Don't be afraid to be a champion, remember that a champion is a person to move forward an issue (not necessarily doing everything). According to plone.org:

What does it mean to be a champion:

* A champion is the person responsible for moving a focus area forward, and reporting progress.

* Being a champion does *not* imply that he/she is going to do the actual work — it's about being the responsible person for that focus area. Of course, there are cases where the champion is in fact the person that implements the solution too.

source: http://plone.org/events/2008-summit/next-actions-and-champions

The World Plone Day needs your help, don't hesitate to join!

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