On Fri, 2008-10-10 at 09:41 -0300, Andre Nogueira wrote:
> Tim,
> Is there any possibility to take some of these moleskin notebooks in Google's 
> regional offices? 
> There is a Google office 10 minutes by car from our office in Brazil...

Unfortunately no :( They're all going out of the one office (the San
Fran one).


> Thanks,
> Andre Nogueira
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> of your Google Swag
> Hi all,
> I appreciate some of you are at the PloneConf08 (lucky ;) but World
> Plone Day is just under a month away and we're getting into full swing
> with regard to preparations for this event. Part of this is organising
> giveaways on the day. Google have pledged 400 moleskin notebooks[1] for
> this but are unable to deliver these worldwide so we've enlisted the
> help of Donna Snow and her band of willing helpers (fanfare) to aid in
> packaging these up and delivering them worldwide. The form of payment we
> have chosen for this logistics effort is for the recipient to pay -
> something like what UPS offer[2], and we need to have confirmation from
> those running events worldwide that they are prepared to pay for this
> (and any duties charges). So could those involved in the hosting of
> events for WPD and whom are prepared to pay the applicable shipping
> charges, please email Donna (donna at_no_spam_please csquaredtech.com). 
> Thanks,
> Tim Knapp
> [1] http://www.moleskineus.com/
> [2]
> http://www.ups.com/content/nz/en/resources/pay/international_billing.html
> P.S. If you want to get an idea of what these shipping charges will be,
> please reference the UPS link[2] in the footnote. We can confirm this
> after you've responded to Donna and prior to our sending out the swag.
> Tim Knapp
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